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01 18, 2024

Ice Cube Receives Inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award

On January 15, 2024, The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame introduced the inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award, an honor celebrating Ice Cube’s remarkable contributions to professional basketball and his dedication to community service.

This groundbreaking award, symbolizes the acknowledgment of individuals who, like Ice Cube, leverage the basketball to create positive change in their communities. More than just a sports honor, this award recognizes those who score points not only in games but in making a lasting impact beyond the court.

As an annual accolade, the Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award aims to spotlight individuals within the basketball community who have not only excelled in the sport but have also left an indelible mark on the neighborhoods they serve. Ice Cube himself will chair the selection committee for future award nominations, ensuring that the recipients embody the spirit of the award.

Ice Cube Holding the Ice Cube Impact Award

(Ice Cube Holding the Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award)

The celebration included the unveiling of the Ice Cube Impact Award Exhibit, a visual journey through Ice Cube’s life—starting from his days shooting hoops in the neighborhood to iconic moments with NWA and Kobe Bryant. A reflective video featuring Ice Cube discussing his journey and the award’s significance added depth to the exhibit, offering a genuine and personal touch to the recognition.

Expressing his gratitude, Ice Cube stated, “Had a remarkable time at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame today. So honored to see the trophy and exhibit for The Ice Cube Impact Award. Can’t wait to reward people in the future who positively impact us through the game of basketball.” 

John Doleva, the President/CEO of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, welcomed Ice Cube into the Hall of Fame family, highlighting the excitement of using Ice Cube’s platform to uncover and celebrate those who are using basketball to uplift challenged communities and guide young minds toward positive life skills. As a part of the celebration, Ice Cube and BIG3 Coach Nancy Lieberman inspired the next generation of hoop players in an exciting basketball clinic for local children. Ice Cube also awarded the MVP of the 2024 Spalding Hoop Hall Classic game to Liam McNeeley of Monteverde Academy as a part of the festivities.