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06 15, 2024

#BIG3 Season 7 Goes LIVE

Season 7 of the BIG3 is officially LIVE. We bringin’ the heat to  the Oakland Coliseum. We’re also live on so don’t stress if you’re not in the U.S.!  Every year we’ve been building up, and now we’re ready to set these courts on fire. We’re bringing 3-vs-3 basketball to new heights and you’re…

06 13, 2024

Get Ready for BIG3 Season 7!

In the seventh season of the BIG3 league, we’ve got unbelievable rivalries, players and sports excellence coming your way. For the first time, we have three brothers playing together on the Aliens team, led by Paul Millsap. The Enemies, our defending champs, will battle it out to see if they can run it back this…

04 24, 2024

The Entrenched Pro Basketball System Fails Caitlin Clark And Women Athletes

Original source: Legendary investor, Bill Gurley, once warned us that incumbents keep out new, innovative, and disruptive competitors by ‘gaming the system’ in their favor. It’s an age-old story; those with power often give lip service to change yet shun genuine innovation that threatens their supremacy. The massive business of sports is no different….

01 18, 2024

Ice Cube Receives Inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award

On January 15, 2024, The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame introduced the inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award, an honor celebrating Ice Cube’s remarkable contributions to professional basketball and his dedication to community service. This groundbreaking award, symbolizes the acknowledgment of individuals who, like Ice Cube, leverage the basketball to create positive…