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In this violent actioner, Vince and Don, two Arkansas firemen head for East St. Louis, Illinois in search of gold that is allegedly stashed in the ceiling of an empty, decaying factory. With only a mysterious map to guide them they begin their hunt. Unfortunately, the day they are sneaking around the abandoned place, a notorious drug dealer and his gang are also there plotting a vendetta. The trouble for the treasure seekers begins when Vince accidentally sees the planned execution and then the executioner sees him. Vince and Don try to save their hides by kidnapping the dealer’s addict brother. During the ensuing stalemate, they must figure out how to escape without losing their gold. On the other side, the dealer must keep his restless gang from self destructing. Meanwhile, another gangster finds the firefighter’s truck outside and learns the reason they are there. In the midst of the stand-off, he and the other dealer’s treacherous assistant make a few plans of their own.

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