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A documentary filmmaker and her crew journey to the depths of the Amazon in search of the mysterious Shirishama Indians, “The People of the Mists,” and instead find themselves contending with an enormous, insatiable snake that squeezes its prey to death, eats it whole, regurgitates it and then eats it again. Director Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) is accompanied by anthropologist Steve Cale (Eric Stolz), who leads the expedition, cinematographer Danny Rich (Ice Cube), sound man Gary Dixon (Owen Wilson), production manager Denise Kalberg (Kari Wuhrer) and Warren Westridge (Jonathan Hyde), the narrator. While sailing up river to their destination, they rescue the enigmatic and sinister Paul Sarone (Jon Voight, who plays his villain with a deliciously wicked flamboyance that, in many instances, outshines the snake sequences) from a sinking boat. The evasive Sarone has had personal experience with the Shirishama’s and becomes the expedition guide. When Steve succumbs to a poisonous insect bite, Sarone commandeers the expedition; it doesn’t take long for the film crew to figure out his true motive for joining them–to slay the legendary title serpent, the largest, most fearsome reptile on earth, one with whom Sarone has tangled before. Knowing that the great slitherer is worth a fortune, the greedy hunter does not think twice about leading the hapless crew into the coils of death.

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