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04 24, 2024

The Entrenched Pro Basketball System Fails Caitlin Clark And Women Athletes

Original source: Legendary investor, Bill Gurley, once warned us that incumbents keep out new, innovative, and disruptive competitors by ‘gaming the system’ in their favor. It’s an age-old story; those with power often give lip service to change yet shun genuine innovation that threatens their supremacy. The massive business of sports is no different….

01 18, 2024

Ice Cube Receives Inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award

On January 15, 2024, The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame introduced the inaugural Naismith Hall of Fame Ice Cube Impact Award, an honor celebrating Ice Cube’s remarkable contributions to professional basketball and his dedication to community service. This groundbreaking award, symbolizes the acknowledgment of individuals who, like Ice Cube, leverage the basketball to create positive…

11 14, 2023

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Establishes the Ice Cube Impact Award

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and ground-breaking rap star, renowned blockbuster film producer and actor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the BIG3 basketball league, Ice Cube, are thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership culminating in the creation of the inaugural Ice Cube Impact Award. This unique collaboration is set to honor Ice Cube’s extraordinary contributions…

06 25, 2023

The Big3’s Sixth Season Kicks Off in Chicago!

The BIG3’s  sixth season kicks off today in Chicago at the United Center. Don’t miss the beginning of an epic BIG3 season. Catch all of the action live on CBS at 12:30 PM ET Sunday, June 25th. Don’t have tickets yet? Get them now at