Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 1:48 AM By: ebenus supremus

so im tryin to differentiate between reality and delusion
feelin like someone gonna set me straight
leave no room for confusion
its creepin up on me
drawin nearer to conclusion
its like ive set myself up, no excuses, but im refusing
like I refuse to accept the consequences now that im in my right mind
regained my sanity now I wanna hit rewind
go back to where it all started
prevent myself from actin blind
stop myself from taking risks
leave all the anger behind
now I cant change the past
try to prepare for the worst
its like im not gon see it comin
should of known from the first
now ive got this sense of dread hangin over me like a curse
and I cant prevent nothing
fuck the truth hurts
cant trust what I hear
cant trust what I see
cant believe nothing
its like a nightmare to me
cant escape from myself
its like im trapped in a dream
cant tell the difference tween wake and sleep
ive had enough of just tryin to ignore
seriously cant take it no more
paranoid someones gonna bust through my door
kick the livin shit outa me on my own lounge room floor
why did I act so staunch when I m soft
cant make sense of the shit
its like I forgot
now im reminded of who, where, when and what
gotta accept this reality and try to hold on to what ive got.

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