Mon, May 20, 2013 at 7:26 PM By: ebano bianco

sure ya'd try and pimp out a celibate bitch.
seriously.... how desperate are ya!
plenty nuff sluts to go round.
ya must really be scrapin the bottom of the barrel if ya tryin to scheme on a celibate bitch!
believe me, the so called gold at the end of the road is not even slightly enticing and i take that shit as an insult not a compliment.
wanna be's!
for starters she's not worth the effort, and for seconds she obviously got more convictions about sex than ya average joe......
be better off puttin yaself on the corner and showing me how its done.
set a good example.
show me how much ya can make hawkin the fork and then bring the money back to the fucken table and hand it over cos i aint gettin down for no fool!
i didn't wait 7 years to hand it over for a quick buck and a lame fuck!
get the fuck away from me with that shit!

Ebano Bianco

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