I AM THE WEST (part 2)

Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 8:10 AM By: Ice Cube

I knew, as soon as I named my record, I AM THE WEST… Suckas would come out the wood work and have something to say about it. First of all, it’s true. I am the west. I have a few O/G’s in hip-hop that I show respect to for help starting the West Coast movement. Like Ice-T, Dr. Dre, King Tee, DJ Pooh, DJ Quik, Too Short, MC Eiht and everybody from NWA of course. But the rest of these MC’s out here are some how some way just branches on the NWA tree. So basically, if you didn’t have a record out before 1986…you probably can’t tell me shit.
Anyway, back to the business at hand. The first single off the record is called, “I Rep That West”. It’s a fuckin’ banger. This one might be too West Coast for the West Coast. It’s getting mastered as we speak. You’ll be able to hear it and buy it first right here on icecube.com. We shoot the video on the 17th. I would give you guys the concept but I’mma save that and let you see it for yourself. Now I know it seems like my record is West Coast crazy…yeah it is. But I got a lot of real shit to say on this record just like I always do. So my political fans won’t be disappointed. But sometime the Big Dog gotta piss on a few trees to let these puppies know what it is. They can’t fuck wit me lyrically or physically. They all talks shit from a distance cause they know, I may do comedies but I ain’t no joke.
I wanna take time and thank all the Westsider Riders who’ve been hitting me up with love in your messages. You fuel my fire and desire to never retire. I look forward to hearing from everybody who’s truly down. It’s been a few days since my last blog. A lot of things have been going down. I skipped both of those movie premieres. I can‘t deal with this Hollywood shit sometimes…too fake. But my daughter’s sweet 16 party was dope. Crazy Toones took them youngsters back to the 80’s. She loved it. I had to coach my son’s basketball team’s playoff game. His coach had to go out of town. It’s hard to get 9 year olds to understand the triangle offense. So the outcome was not a W. My son had a good game so I was proud of him anyway. I went to the Lakers vs. Nuggets. Ron Artest finally earned his money by shutting down Carmelo. Even though the Nuggets had help from the refs. They still got their asses kicked. Kobe is the real King not LeBron.
Today, I flew to Oakland to interview Al Davis for my 30 for 30 ESPN documentary. It was a very good interview. He’s a G. One on one with the hardest owner in sports. I respect Al, he does it his way. At some point, I will post my whole interview with him on my site.
As you know I’m starting to use my twitter account. Don’t look to hear from me until I got something interesting to say. Updates about what’s going on with the music or the movies. Too much chatter is nerve racking. Now, I wanna answer a few questions you have for ya’ boy…
Beats by Dre? Not yet. Haven’t asked him, but I will.
Any collabos? Not yet. It’s only room for one star on this record. But I might make room. It has to be organic. I don’t do collabos just to do them. That’s record company shit.
New Westside Connection? Nothing planned. But just for the record. I own the rights. I put Mack-10 in the Connect gang, he didn’t put me in. That’s my shit.
Is Eazy’s wife dropping 60 unreleased songs from him? I don’t know. I’ll ask around.
Mid-West tour? Working on a promotional tour that’ll take me to the Mid-West.
Mixtape? I’m working on a mixtape with Crazy Toones for my sons OMG & Doughboy. They spit fire. Look for them on the home page of the site in a few days.
I’ll never be on Cribs.
Haven’t talked to Threat in 14 years. Don’t know where he’s at.
No beats by Terrence Martin on this record.
I heard Jerry Heller was teaching classes at USC & UCLA. He knows nothing about hip-hop.
Any advice to young actors? Make friends with a good casting agent. They’ll get you work.
Shot outs to: Dublin, Hawaii, Cleveland, Ottawa, Poland and Germany
P.S. Keep West Ridin’ and bumpin’ that gangsta ish. Oh yeah, I can help anyone with advice on anything, but don’t ask for money. It’s not happening.
Keep the poems and advice coming. We fam…
Keep it gangsta!
I AM THE WEST… it’s coming.

  1. Display Name avatar

    On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 10:46 PM, Display Name said:

    FO SHO ! we be rocking your HITS dawG -
    One day I 'll Blazz you out dawg !! or you blazz me which eva comes first.. jajaja ..Later BIG FISH!!

  2. Display Name avatar

    On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 10:42 PM, Display Name said:

    What up OG CUBE!! West got UR back Loco,
    Its your homeboy Edvin The SPOT Doses
    Just wanted to know if you ever made a hidden record or a track wit Legandary PAC - if so when is it gonna hit the Block - Im pretty sure everyone would luv to hear that tear up the States - since ya dont *uck wit tha fakes!
    Ill be at Yankee Doodles in Woodland Hills with whats left of Youbet.com pips - Laker time baby!! Later Playa - Hit me up pimpin!!!
    OG 213 - We rep that WEST!
    Yankee doodles @
    21870 Victory Blvd
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    (818) 883-3030

  3. MarcelPrebeck avatar

    On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 9:58 AM, MarcelPrebeck said:

    Yeah... after I bought Raw Footage I thougt "Ok, that was the last real rap i heard for a long time". Now this news! Thank God that the Gangsta's back! This time I think there arent about more than 5 real rappers! Ice Cube is one of them! Keep it real

  4. AMSTERDAM avatar

    On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 4:57 PM, AMSTERDAM said:

    Are you going to visit AMSTERDAM soon?

  5. mr mex-side avatar

    On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 4:13 PM, mr mex-side said:

    mex-side waiting for this "i am the west" ,love that "i rep that west", cube keep going !!!!! wazz up from tijuana mexico !!!

  6. Pegmatit avatar

    On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 4:53 AM, Pegmatit said:

    yeee Cube you are the best rapper in the world....!!!!!!!!!

  7. N Hizzle avatar

    On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 12:57 PM, N Hizzle said:

    Easy, been bumpin your tracks since 89 & Raw Footage is still giving me goosebumps - the lyrics are very motivational.
    Ive been producing and managing UK Hip-Hop for the past 12 years - done Glastonbury and toured all over Europe with as part of a UK crew called Phi-Life Cypher.

    Cube...Im coming to LA real soon - I have a new project that I'm promoting. I have some all original beats if you want to check em live instruments and breaks no sample CD shits.....www.nizzlehizzle.bandcamp.com

  8. ADC LEVEL avatar

    On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 6:10 AM, ADC LEVEL said:

    Yeaahh, a new album from the Cube, that's Great!!!!! I've always been a fan of your Music, keep it up for your projects, "really does !!!!!!" Lenchmob, uhhhh....!!!!
    If you want to listen some new French instrumental shit, it's there : http://www.jamendo.com/fr/album/50377 (NightBlaster)
    You're the Boss and I'm glad to share this with you.


  9. Etha Emm avatar

    On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 5:38 PM, Etha Emm said:

    Cube, I have a movie script that is gangsta to the max. If you looking for something new to do, this is it. Let me know if you are interested. It is registered with WGAW.

  10. ITS PIMPIN ,PIMPIN avatar

    On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 12:08 AM, ITS PIMPIN ,PIMPIN said:

    keep repin that west Cube........but I think u and Scarface should hook up and do some songs, keep that SOUTHWEST CONNECTION tight ! anyways keep pimpin the system Cube

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