Garbage In The Industry Today.

Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 2:31 AM By: Keep_It_Old_Skool_Fool

This Fucking Shit Has Been Going On Way To Fucking Long Now With All These FAKE! Ass so-called Hip Hop Rap Wannabe Be Gangster Rappers (more like studio rappers) talking about shit they ain't got or talking about shit they haven't done like putting in work smoking drugs or whatever they can come up with in there little fantasy worlds an this is where what a lot of us grew up listing too and loving called hip hop has become an it's just fucking really sad to hear not to mention see now days, it's heart breaking.

we got ice cube making a come back, but we need more REAL artist to make a come back and put the TRUE HIP HOP back on the map an you know what I don't want to hear all that bullshit "oh you got to get with the times an expect it" FUCK YOU TAKE THAT COP OUT YELLOW BELLY SPINES BULLSHIT AND KILL YOURSELF WITH IT!!!!!!! I Mean Seriously damn too many people these days are nothing, but cowards that rather watch something they once loved an would die for go down the drain in a rapid faction, how sorry is that ?

we need artist from the west coast to the east coast to rise up an to make a lot of noise start making album again to fight back an not only that, but to give hip hop creditably along with honor, respect so we can once again we can stand up with our heads up high our chest out when say Hip Hop With That Love Honor Dignity like we used too back in The Dayz....

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    On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 11:11 AM, HoneyGirl said:

    I hear you bro..but..These Fake Azz Wanna Beez 1st. need to Stay the Same Don't Like'em they're Imitators in the worst way..Hard Core Rappers << is a DIEING BREED ONLY A FEW REMAINING..Nobody Wants to See Fake Azz Rappers PerPeTraTing << The Real Deal..Shyt I Miss My Girl BO$$ I'm Not A Fan of this New Colorful Rapping Shyt...That Shall Remain Nameless....ICE CUBE MoFoS is the BEST MoFoS *Peace*

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