Learning HipHop is Learning The Life of Ice Cube

Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 3:21 AM By: EarvinKyleAmacan

I admit it I'm not that fan of Hip Hop genre until the day that I watched Fliptop or this is rap battle here in the Philippines that earned respect from posting battle on Youtube. I know little about music and I like much the flow of rock, alternative and others genre and not Hip Hop but now since I learned the essence and the reason why many artist rap I want to get it clearly and make total appreciation of this genre.

In our country we started to love hip hop too and different icons too like Eminem, Tupac Shakur and now Ice Cube and that is they reason why I posted such an token of appreciation in knowing this kind of music they used to cater to people. If only we can give chance to hear them we can say that they have essence and reason why they are doing this and why listeners have their heart in this kind of music.

In our country we created teams in and in battling this is like a group, of course this is important because you need a buddy if anything goes round in battle. It will also boost your popularity if someone on your team cater a great battle of course they will mention your team and acknowledgement from people can be gather. Me I founded my very own team, the United Gold Direct because we are united at the same time we love golds and silvers too. Direct is came from our words, we make it direct and easy to understand but it doesn't mean that these are nonsense we are always making sure that everything that will came out in our mouth is a great punch to our opponent.

So that's it if you want also to join our United Gold Direct or if you want to check out our team. Also I'm using the code of name of Quallai Domini but you can call me with my name Earvin Kyle Amacan anyway whatever your prefer you can call me this way.

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