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    On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:30 PM, Megan Valdez said:

    Happy Fucking Birthday... I mean C day WC!!! He still Lench Mob and Family so I hope he has had a special day filled with lots of sex, drugs (weed) and gangsta shit.. skip skip skip.. West West homie!

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    On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 1:36 PM, Rocko75 said:

    Your response to my VIP meet and greet answers were fantastic. I totally appreciate it. It sounds like it was a blast. I would love to meet the entire lench mob too. It sounds like a cool atmosphere I cannot wait to hang out and get pictures with Ice Cube, would love to see the pics. I will let you know how it goes for me.

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    On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Megan Valdez said:

    This is the rest of my (ABOUT SECTION) that get's cut short by word limits... LAME!

    <3 hearted! Mendocino County has much to offer in the way of relaxing views and herbal smoke... Some tweaky fuckers too but I guess that shit be everywhere... Gotta keep a level head or get in that zone! I ain't trying to take on no one else's problems as I got enough of my own... Come visit the "Emerald Tri" we got everything... As public enemy's "everything" just about sums up how I am feeling. I recently moved to Lake county almost 4 years ago and it has much to offer as well! We are living in strange times and I am the type that will do what is necessary for survival. The weather changes are something else! It is sun and rain-ice and sometimes snow. I love when it rains because me and some of my crew love DIAMOND HUNTING! Yeah we got diamonds up here... I have stacked alot! I hope my homie loved his "Ice'D" out Lake County diamond chain N my other homie's mother loved her cross... These diamonds are rare and classified as semi precious stones and rate on a scale of 7-8.5 in hardness-compared to that of African diamonds on a scale of 10 N up in hardness... RAW AS FUCK! I love spending time with my little one and she is amazing! She turns 7 TODAY!! My angel! She is a content singing and rapping and dancing. She loves baseball and is starting to get into watching that football... She's into reading and struggles a bit with math but she is smart and quick to play you. I am so excited to be able to take her on this music journey. She asked me recently why I turned my back on the industry and I didn't know how to really answer that. Maybe one day I will tell her about my homie Mac Dre... How he saw something in me and was going to take me to new heights in musical journey-back in the day... N then someone took um from us... N I swept my emotions N music under the rug... I explained to her...Mommy would never turn on her friends-affiliations or fam who need her. I told her that we all make sacrifices in life and mommy wants a good life for you and in order to give you that I gotta do some things. Sometimes living means chasing dreams she says to me. WTF? I am being given a lesson in life by my youngster who believes that if I want to make music I should and that she shouldn't stop me... I argue that an education is what is going to keep her off these streets... She don't alwayz see the big picture but she got the biggest heart! That aside-I have been working on making some music lately and I got some shit in the works... Angelik Records is going to make a come back soon... My cuz who be makin them Dizzy beats an my brother the WarTank spitN his crazy rhymes N amazing Artwork and myself will be scouting eventually-but also keepin it 100! I will keep you all posted when the site re launches... My kid is so hyped because I told her I would take her to her very first concert with my homie Tech N9ne and she has been on this trip...(The concert happened and she had a blast) the concert couldn't come fast enough for her... lol She has been running around singing bunk rock bitch and jellysickle! She be always telling me what to be blaring out my Lincoln. When we roll round town she likes to hang out the window when I am not looking... throwing her hands up and repN! Of course I tell her to get her ass back in the car before I whoop that ass... lol.. but she loves to get down to some good music. I had a group of kids at my house the other day and they be questioning her about rapping and it was the funniest shit listening to her- explaining the game... Talking about Ice Cube, Snoop Lion, Eminem, dr. dre, and strange music's Tech N9ne. Then out of fuckin nowhere I hear "WESTSIDE TILL I DIE" and I about pissed myself laughing so hard-damn blunt fell outta my hand. My kid is a trip... I love her to death though... My heart walking round on the outside of my body man... So back to me... I love music and going to concerts and watching artists, meeting artists, kickN it with artists (whom most I consider friends)-and meeting the crowds and watching people's reactions... I love my girlfriends... Sometimes a good conversation can clear your mind... I love when I have money to burn and working hard as a mom... I like saving for the things that are going to make my life more enjoyable! I have a good track record of being persistent, passionate and a determined person... Whatever else you want to know about me... Just ask! BTW I accept friend requests from anyone... I do like when people comment and make conversation... Please don't be boring... No I do not hand out any celebrity information and please don't ask for it... It is rude! They have normal lives too! Don't hesitate to talk to me... I know a bunch of underground artists get curious... go ahead and ask me what you want to ask me... I am full of useful info... lol...well if you want to read into me further... let your eyes do the walking... look forward to meeting you people! Don't be a stranger!

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    On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 5:32 PM, Megan Valdez said:

    So today was real chill... Just making some music... Workin on writing some lyrics for my Cuz... (Black Label Music) Hanging with the family and feeling lazy... lol xD Hope everyone is having a good day...

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    On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 5:30 PM, Megan Valdez said:

    06/01/13 Comment:
    What's CrackN People? Just enjoying my day and kickN it with my beautiful daughter-as it is her 7th B day today... Even though both our birthdays fall in June-her's being the first and mine the 25th... We celebrated together early and went to see big homie Ice Cube on the 25th of May- Hung out with the Lench Mob-WC and Crazy Toons...My daughter had a lot of fun and even in her shyness -enjoyed the show and staying up past midnight-just to catch Ice. So our birthday gift was Mr. Jackson... One of the realist people we love! Now we just gonna make some cake-kick back and watch movies! Today was a good day!

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