unlimited word/ except these few

Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 11:51 AM By: steve0775

The pain. The pain. The pain!
It is killing me!
This pain. This pain, This pain.
Hurts! and Hurts! Way to much
The pain. The pain.It is In me!
This pain! This pain! It hurts too much!

Try! Try! and Try! I will try some more.
Try and try. I will stop to try. To look!
Try a good look in that, that damn mirror!
Try to look! Deep! Try to Look! Look real close.
Deep into my own eyes? What is even in there?
Look into my eyes! Just a real Look.

I will try, I will try! I will try!
Try, I will,Try! and try to take a real good look!
Try! Try, and try I will not!
and try not to cry! When I Look!

The pain! The pain! The pain! is real!
Oh the pain! OH the pain! All that pain, is real!
I am now feeling. and feeling in here!
Trying not too look. Try, do not look now!
Their is pain though,! and , it is way, way too much!
Try! and Try! I will try harder!
Trying, Trying is not even going to be close, enough!
I can not! I can not see past the tears!

Finally, Finally! Finally, breathing!
At least someone, is here listening.
Man! I swear! My heart has been pounding!
Finally! OFinally! Finally! My God,
Finally what did I? I did nothing wrong!
I did not think anyone, would come!
Finally! Yes! O`yes! Finally you come!

Thank you. Thank you! Thank so much!
Thank you once more!
Thanks goes especially, to, well, you.
I know we hear that , way too much!!.
Especially, Especially! Especially
Without any feelings!

I know! I know! I know! How do I know?
Oh God! Oh god!God damn!
I swear, I swear! I swear I did not just do that.
But, I was not there with you!
So who is it? That got you upset?
Was you not, The only one! In that room!

The pain! The pain! The pain. Is back!
The pain! The pain! The pain I am having a heart attack
This pain! This pain! I have had it so long!
Thank god! Thank god! Thank you god.
It has been way to long, that I felt something like that!

Now! Finally. Finally! Finally!
There is this one song!

0`my! O`my! O`my God Oh my
Finally! Finally! I Finally
I Have found my way too you.

Thank you! Thank You! You are too much!
Thank you this helped out, so much.
Thank you! Thank you!
Finally there is someone to talk too!

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