do u belive in luck or hard work ?

Tue, May 14, 2013 at 12:56 AM

hi everyone,

I strongly believe in hard work.There is no substitute for hard work , hard work is essential to be inculcated in each and every individual. Without hard work, we don't find almost anyone in this world achieving great feats.Therefore, I strongly assert that hardwork is key to success in anyone's career.

do u think is luck anywhere exist ............?
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  1. Re: do u belive in luck or hard work ?

    Mon, May 20, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    Well what!
    You trying to instill some wisdom in these fools or what.
    I thought, based on the title of this post that you were askin a question.
    But you already know the answer.
    I'll let ya in on a lil something ya might not know just yet at this stage of ya life.
    People who dont value hard work and dedication, end up jealous as over the people who put in the hard yards.
    Luck does exist. I'm livin proof. Sometimes i cant believe ive managed to get this far, practically untouched, considerin some of the situations ive found myself to be in.
    Maybe it was a prayer that saved me, but since im unsure im a put it down to luck.
    Then, having the benefit of knowing the flip side, which is hard work pays off and earns the right kind of respect, i know ya cant rely on luck, luck just happens, hard work is plan or goal ya willing to see through to fruition.
    Think bout it.
    Ya on Cubes website right.
    He didnt get handed his life on a silver platter with instructions. He worked hard to achieve his success and continues to do so. And to top it off, he probably considered his fame a bit of a stroke of luck, considering how many people would of been tryin to get into the industry in his day, but he was prepared to see his way through college as well.
    So theres some true god, hard work and a stroke of luck all wrapped up in one.
    I got a question for you though....
    why dont ya post this in ya blogs instead of the forums?
    Just wondering.....

    Ebano Bianco
    Ebano Bianco