How to stop a person from bullying you ?

Sat, May 11, 2013 at 2:58 AM

Hi friends,
Never care what people think about you. If you do that, you're a moron . Well, I think when someone tries to bully you in front of people, don't be scared! Make yourself angry and act like a crazy psychopath and they will stop breaking balls!
I need you suggestion about this ?

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  1. Re: How to stop a person from bullying you ?

    Mon, May 20, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    praise god i was born a woman and people dont straight up expect me to be all macho and shit.
    How to stop a person from bullying you?
    Google it, it's actually a major topic in the media at the moment and there are a plethra of ways to deal with it.
    What ever ya do ya gotta remember one thing........
    You are not what other people percieve you to be, you know who you are, good and bad, and never allow someone to falsely label you in their effort to attack, humiliate, manipulate or abuse you.
    Be strong, choose right over wrong, dont fall for the dogs act bullshit which makes ya think it's wrong to tell someone in authority whats happenin, you'll only end up feeling stuck, fearful, and fear leads to irrational decisions.
    If you act all psycho, chances are someone gon expect ya to back up that image, if its not you, dont act like that act right, be honest, nobody can fuck with ya honesty or integrity, and at the end of the day, some things are worth throwin down for but most of its bullshit so learn when to hold em fold em and walk away.
    I'm only answerin this post cause im bored, but i know where ya comin from. When i was in school some older bitch who liked to fight around started me. I couldnt fight a lick so i started lifting wieghts to empower myself. Havin friends that respect ya and dont expect ya to bow down is a blessing to, as a family who values you and wants the best for you.
    You can go bout any which way you choose, but ya gotta be prepared to deal with the consequences of ya actions. Confrontin the muthafucka works sometimes, but then theres pride and ego at stake. If ya refuse to back down and hold ya own, chances are ya not gon be seen as a completely wimp but ya could loose if it comes down to it so be careful.
    Man, people been gettin bullied since the beginning of time, someone always gon be testing themselves against someone else in an effort to best em and make emself feel superior. It's nothin new.......
    I dont actually appreciate your advice. Kids end up in jail and fucken they whole lives up trying to be the toughest.
    Be the wisest.
    Stay focused.
    Refuse to acknowledge untruths about you and be prepared to fight, wisely and cautiously for whats right.
    Never bow down, to no man, but dont go startin shit either.
    It's a tricky topic, cause it's kind of part and parcel when it comes to growin up. Some have it harder than others. Some take it harder than others. Tellin people to act psycho leads to a columbine massacre attitude and we dont need any more of that shit.
    Ebano Bianco
    Ebano Bianco