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Late 2008, i decided i wanted to learn about Islam as i wasn't happy with the negative media being portrayed in the news...
I started out with a childrens book and learned some basics.
i was walking hoome from town on new years eve and i looked up in the sky and true to god there was a perfect cresent moon with a star in the middle. that convinced me to continue studying.
I moved to sydney shortly afterward and found some islamic philosophy in the libraries i frequented and would read them at the coffee shops. i even attempted to read a book about shar'ia law, but my education is very basic and the book was a bit above my level of understanding.
one day, when i was at the coffee shop, a man approached me and asked if he could smoke at my table. i said that was fine. he saw the book i was reading and the first thing he said to me was " do you know what they do to women?' i was reading a book titled Islamic Philosophy, and although i was aware of some practices he may have been reffering to which western society judges all muslims for, i told him the truth, which is that what i was reading didn't go into much detail about women.
he didn't press issue, and instead told me that his father was jamaican and we talked about the origins of man and a few other things.
Since then i've read a few biographies of the Prophet, one of my favorites being "The Sealed Nectar" ......
i think it's very dissapointing that assumptions are made about a majority of people based on the actions of few. i think the same people who make these assumptions would feel just as offended if they were to find themselves being stereotyped in the same manner as those they themselves stereotype, without all the facts, without even knowing anyone personally, or having even a sight understanding of that which they base their oppinions on....
suffice to say, i'm still inspired, and i'm thankful for the amazing experiences ive had on my path of seeking understanding...


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