Everythang's Corrupt

Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 6:10 PM

Not Cubes best work lyrically speaking, but ay, he's the proffessional, i'm just the fan critisizing his art. But he seriously coulda done alot more with the concept considering that in this day and age we still live a world where genocide is ignored to benefit the rich, displacing millions of people, whilst we in the so called "modern" world rely on the spoils of such atrocities and claim to be civilised.....

And what's with the " buy me a politician" line?
I'd rather off a politician for being corrupt than employ one...

Damn Cube, Everythangs Corrupt, including you....

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  1. Re: Everythang's Corrupt

    Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    Dub K wrote:
    Being a politician is a job anyway so what u jst said didn't really make much sense and I think the punchline means get him a POLITICIAN not bullshitter ....cuz (for example) Romney was such a flip flopper he (metaphorically) eventually landed on his head n broke his neck and lost by a BLOW out

    Being a politician is a privilige.
    Look Im not an expert on politics but Obama earned his second term righteously.
    To put it plainly he walked into a financial and political fiasco in his first term. Bush started the shit and Obama entered the aftermath. The stock crash, Iraq, Anti Terrorism, Medicare, he dealt with all that shit ( not to everyones liking but he dealt with it) for fuck sake, he even got Osama for all you die hard fools, whilst at the same time, not only represented a continuance of a social progression thats taking a damn long time to come to fruition, but also managed to calm yas all down on ya anti-Islam shit thats been goin on to for too damn long. What did Romney represent? Besides a few economical and political aendas that were put together by him and a whole team of ambitious politicians. ( That and he fucked up on the latino vote, for all you block voting believers ) Seriously I'll go on a trip and state that i rekon hip hop had an influence on Obamas elections as i believe hip hop has had a major influence on cultural perception and acceptance.
    But nevermind all that....
    Everythangs Corrupt?
    Everthang Better Be Corrupt As All Fuck! or I'm not buyng it. And thats all its about at the end of the day.
    No point spending money if ya aint gon make any and you aint makin money if ya music sucks.
    i'm biased though. I only like 90's rap and I'm not much into the shit I've heard lately.
    Cubes got a mad flow, but it's not shinin on Everythangs Corrupt.
    Wicked concept though, he could really do something with it, even if he goes at it with some played out gangsta shit. Anywayz, been there done that, still, I'm curious......

    And i rekon BONeZ was definately smokin somethin when she started this post!


    ebano bianco 13

  2. Re: Everythang's Corrupt

    Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    I didn't feel this song but definitely found a corrupt judge who i didnt know make it to my states supreme court. I'd like to...

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