cube got my letters.........yesssssssssssss

Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 10:50 AM

if Oshea reads this,I want to tell him HI!!!! and tell you fans that if you really want to send him a letter there is a way you can get it to him-look up the firm-thats not the way I did it,but if your smart you will figure it out.I know he would be mad if I made it easy (hint cubvision)so thats the only clue I am giving you......that hint right there is too much but I want to see yall talk to him like I have

he is worth meeting.............

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  1. RE: cube got my letters.........yesssssssssssss

    Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    WELL TELL colinf to phuk off...... colinf is one of the Muthaphuukers dat get shit on by cube?in fact feel ya dawg, you are probably pathetic and you jerk off yo mums tits. whether we like it or not. CUBE IS THA SHIT. TELL ME IF YO FAV RAPPER HAS EVER LASTED 2 DECADES. WELLL CUBE has lasted 24 phukin years and still millions want more..... ansa me that. muthaphuka

  2. RE: cube got my letters.........yesssssssssssss

    Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    ogee4life wrote:
    IceCube4Ever wrote:
    colinf wrote:
    Cube is a fail just like janky promoters.
    Mike Epps rap album > Any album Cube dropped after Predator

    evidently u dont know what real music is so go listen to some lil wanye or soulja boy u fucking fag

    U couldnt have said it better girl, plus the guy needs to get his head examined, always seeking attention, he obviously has an inferiority complex.

    exactly, this kid needs to get the fuck outta here. I hope ice cube sees what this ass monkey is saying bout him and he deletes his account. and i hope cube tells this lil mo'fucka they way it is and to step off before he kicks his ass.... ICE CUBE4EVER!!!

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