Ride Along With The Don Mega

Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 6:43 PM

Okay so can I just say how cool it has been to watch big homie Cube transform on the big screen yet again into another bad ass character! James is the SHIT! How fucking funny is he? I mean Cube and Kevin Hart play off of each other so well, it is classic. I have so many favorite parts I don't know where to start. When James hovers over Ben while he is sleeping waiting for him to wake up to go for this ride along...When James orders all these 126's and he get's Ben (Kevin Hart) to try and arrest a drunk white man in a grocery store who pours honey all over himself and grabs Ben to his chest... OMG it is funny as fuck... Ben actually slaps the DON MEGA!!!! well James at the end and when James and Ben are in the hospital and Ben is all doped up talking bout trainbows and not being constipated... James finds out his bitch ass real partners are corrupt as fuck and his soon to be bro in law becomes his best side kick. But the ride along from Ben learning how to shoot a gun-to enforcing the law and throwing his weight around is funny as fuck. Okay and the whole Call of duty reference and gaming cliche is funny shit. The movie overall was well thought out and the new bad boy experience. The new training day with a lot of laughs. I recommend this movie to everyone! If you are an ice cube fan... you must go and watch this movie because my boi will give you a damn good experience. Im owning this movie the second it comes out on Blu Ray DvD
If you put your mind to it N Your heart on it-then your soul owns it ~ACEUS

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