OJ / Ice Cube - Origins of a name

Wed, May 8, 2013 at 4:23 PM

Done a bit lookin about on the net bout my favorite stars and what not and Ive come across a few rumours so i dont know whats truth and whats not.
Concerning the origin of Ice Cubes given name and stage persona I've heard that he was named after OJ Simpson as Oj was a favorite football player of one of his parents.
Concerning the name Ice Cube, i heard he used to get around acting all cold and shit and one day his brother turn around and called him Ice Cube, like "you as cold as a ice cube."
I think thats kinda funny if its true, i also wonder if it is true, if he proud of the origin of his names.
Im interested in things like that.
I like where my names come from. My first name and my nick name. Both got stories to em, and their tricky to me.
So anyways, i cant pull up the articles where i got my info cos im not a computer wiz and i take alot of what i read on the net with a grain of salt, but still, its got me wonderin.

I wonder if anyone can verify or deny this little rumour?

Ebano Bianco
Ebano Bianco

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