The Family Meeting Of Callaway Diablo Edge

Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 11:36 PM

How do you feel like the lines of Callaway's Diablo Edge? Let me give you a short review about them.

The callaway diablo edge irons is one of the best irons ive ever used for beginners it helps get under the ball and for excperts it provides maximum distance and accuracy.The first ball i hit was with the 7 iron. It was pure and solid, the ball jumped off the club about 160 yards dead straight and with a lot of height. I just smiled to myself and said wow! Callaway has done it again.

Lower and deeper center of gravity is inserted into the callaway diablo edge hybrid in the purpose of making the hybrids easy for golfers to hit in sweet spot and also conforming to the clubface golfers usually use to hit ball. Therefore, golfers can create longer distance and more improved accuracy.

Taking top honors in Golf Digest's 2010 Hot List, this standard model callaway diablo edge fairway wood offers the longest, straightest drive yet from Callaway--with distance gains of 10 to 12 yards over the Big Bertha Diablo.

With Standard and Tour models, callaway diablo edge is available in a look and performance that will suit any type of player. Standard models have slightly larger clubheads, while Tour models offer full hosels, less face progression and smaller, more conventional head shapes.

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